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BC Bud Rub is Canada’s Original Cannabis Topical!

For years, out here on the North end of Vancouver Island, people have been using BC Bud Rub to sooth that over-worked muscle and take the ouch out of that aching joint. People who work hard, who work with their hands, and people who look for a natural remedy to sooth and comfort.

And now, you can enjoy the soothing relief too!

BC Bud Rub is a hemp-based cannabis salve, made with hemp oil, almond oil, beeswax, and our unique blend of essential oils to help sooth your aches and pains. It’s available in 15, 50, and the giant 100 mL size. For a full description of the product’s ingredients, see the What’s the Rub link.

Just massage in a little of the Rub and feel the relief.