Take home the taste and smells of honey grove bakery by buying the croissants frozen and baking them at home.

Instructions as follows –

Bake @ 350 for 20-25 or until desired brown

– Option #1 –

Just before bed take out of freezer and leave lightly covered on a baking sheet in a cool room (>20 degrees). First thing in the morning (approximately 8 hours and should be doubled in size) egg wash and bake. Let cool 15 min before serving

– Option #2 –

Take out of freezer and leave in fridge for minimum 24 hours to de thaw. Take out and place on a baking sheet, lightly covered in a warm place (not so warm it will melt the butter like above a fireplace) for approximately 3 hours or until they have double in size. Egg wash and bake and let cool 15 mins before serving.

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